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Securely Backup Your PC and Mac Files Online - Access Them Anytime
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MyPC Backup is the client used to access the homonymous service, which provides online backup for your files. This way, your data will be kept on the cloud, heavily encrypted (according to the providers of this service); and in case you face a serious data loss, you will always be able to restore the lost files.
Using the program is very easy, mostly because it uses a wizard to guide you through all the steps. The first thing you need to do is opening an account for the service, a smooth operation that will only require entering basic data, such as user name, e-mail address and password. Then, you should select the files to back up. However, the program uses My Documents folder as default. Just by doing that, the program automatically transfers your data to the servers. Needless to say the transfer speed will depend on your connection, but it is quite fast anyway. The reverse operation is, of course, restoring your files; this can be easily done as well, just by selecting a target device and the files to restore.
MyPC Backup can be scheduled to perform automatic backups on a regular basis. You can also specify the file types to back up and the type of connection. In order not to interfere with your PC’s performance while you are working, it can be set to carry out synchronizations only in idle time.
In general, MyPC Backup is a fine client application for a good service. Unfortunately, although creating an account is free as well as the application, the backup capacity for this type of account is only 2 Mb, which is ridiculous if we take into account file sizes these days. However, you can always buy extra storage space. My advice: if you need to backup only non-sensitive data, you can use Google Drive, a less secure free service but offering much more storage capacity.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It uses encryption to store your files
  • Accounts are easily created


  • The free storage capacity is too limited
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